Before we look at the top 5 highest CPC niches in 2019, it is important to understand what exactly is CPC niche, what does it mean and how it works. A CPC, also known as cost per click, is essentially the price that someone pays at each click in the pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign.

It is essentially the amount that someone pays in exchange for each click on one of the PPC ads on various platforms like Bing Ads or Google AdWords.

The exact cost per click is fixed and determined according to various different factors such as quality score, maximum bid and ad rank of advertisers who are bidding for the very same keyword.

The CPC is a significant metric or parameter as the cost per click can tend to add up very fast. If an advertiser has a high CPC rank then they won’t be able to achieve return on their ad investment.

The best CPC niches in the modern times

If you are a blogger and are wondering if your niche qualifies under the top highest CPC niches then you must ask yourselves the following questions.

Whether the niche has a big market and has it got the potential for traffic?

Are there possibilities for affiliate marketing? Does the audience that is going to engage with your niche got the necessary purchasing power? And are you passionate about the niche that you have chosen?

If you have answered to the majority of these questions then it is likely that niche you have chosen is amongst the highest CPC niches of the year. Let us have a look at some of the top and highest CPC niches in 2019.

Accommodation and travel: The travel agencies are booming in business in the modern times and the margin in this industry is massive. Thus the targeting capability in this niche is huge. So if you are a keen traveller and love to compile blog or pen down your thoughts then this blog niche has got great potential for income.

Download websites: The downloading websites are a huge trend and the websites that offer the download of different types of files are very much in vogue. According to one of the recent surveys the downloading websites have a higher CPC than most of the other websites and is one of the highest profitable niches when it comes to Adsense. You can offer the downloading of apps, wallpapers, software, videos or music on your website.

Fitness: The health and business are one of the top niches of 2019 and serve as a great resource for earning money via Adsense. If you demand a higher CPC via Adsense advertising then you should prioritize on creating specific blog for health as well as fitness niche. It is obvious that the health and fitness is a very broad niche so you must choose your specific topic very carefully such as nutrition, weight loss, hair loss etc.

Apart from this the other highest CPC niches of the year are SEO and E-learning.