If you are looking to channelize your energy and creativity towards something constructive then starting a micro niche website isn’t a bad idea. So what exactly is a micro niche website and how to build a micro niche website?

The micro niche website is essentially nothing but a website about a very specific subject hence the word “niche”. For instance you might want to build a website about gaming or any other niche subject in order to interact and exchange ideas with like-minded people.

Building a micro niche website

Starting a micro niche website involves a few simple steps following which you will be able to start your own micro niche website. These steps include setting up your website, choosing a niche subject that will have its own audience group, writing a group of relevant articles that are fascinating and attract interest and finally getting the traffic to your website.

The successful execution and operation of a niche website include competently implementing all the steps in an effective manner. Let us have a look at these steps in more detail.

Setting up the website

The first step of starting a niche website is the successful setting up of website and getting to run. There are a few simple steps or procedure that for setting up your website.

These are choosing the web host, installing the WordPress and installing a relevant theme for the website. Web hosting is essential for the successful running of any website.

Fortunately the process of web hosting is extremely affordable nowadays and anyone can choose to host their own website.

There are so many web hosts in the market that you could choose from. However not all of them are necessarily good and you must do your research properly before you choose any web hosting service for your website.

The web hosting service provider must be reliable with a good track record and should have professional customer support to help deal with any issues that may arise.

After this you must install the WordPress which is essentially a website software to help you set up a secure, fast and a well designed website. Once you have installed WordPress then you must install the WordPress theme.

Instead of spending huge money on web designer for designing your site, you can just choose to pre-made template or design that is available with WordPress for free.

Choosing the niche subject

It is important to choose a relevant niche subject for your website in order to get more traffic on your site. Some of the questions that you must ask includes:

Are you passionate and knowledgeable about that specific subject? And is that subject relevant to other people on the internet?

If the answer is yes, then you must choose that specific subject as a topic of your niche website.

Once you’ve chosen the subject you must compile quality articles for the website that serve as a topic of interest for other users online. And finally you must look at different marketing tools and techniques to improve the traffic to your website.